About us


 Aveto.d.o.o.was founded as a private entrepreneurial firm 1997th years with the idea of a group of partner services in the tourism industry, and continuously working to improve and expand its operations and services. Aveto d.o.o.is a company that offers a luxury accommodation with breakfast, and auto - camp located in the center of town, a large forest park in the green with a lot of shade, toilet facilities and hot water. Thanks to the experience of working in the service sector in the tourism industry we can offer a premier tourist service and we are responsible and reliable partner. Aveto company in your services as a subcontractor, involved individuals and society that had long engaged in a similar activity and is strictly focused on the provision of tourism services offered in the market.

Aveto company hosted a large number of persons, who, thanks to the quality of service and kindness of our hosts remained for years a regular and permanent customers. You receive daily inquiries from new interested guests, who received a recommendation from their relatives and friends.

Our tourist accommodation facilities are located in Turanj, Sv. Philip and James. In front of the village extends islet Babac, followed by looking at the island of Pasman, and so gives visitors a spectacular view of the blue sea and the green slopes of the island are covered. At the same time, the place is well connected, because only 5 km away from Biograd, where visitors can find for itself many entertainment facilities. For fans of nautical tourism, it is important I Turnje geographic location, because the possibility of having a nearby Biograd charter yacht and enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding islands.

Come to Turanj, because you will be away from the crowds, but close to all the events.