Events St Philip and St James (Turanj) during the year





27.-April 29 – 12th Zadar County Flower Festival "Days of flowers in St Philip and St James'

May 1st -
Feast of St Philip and St James, folk festival
14th - 16.svibnja
- Art Colony "MAJ-2O13." In Turanj

June 29 -
Celebration of St. St. Peter's. Peter
June 30 -
raising ceremony "Blue Flag" beach "Behind the spa"
June -
Kindergarten Cvit St. Philip and James, "St. Roko in my eyes"
June -
appearances culture clubs


7th of July - Folklore evening "Bonaca given me the serenity" in Turanj
14th July 7th -
athletic race "Flower Turanj coast - St Philip and St James
16 July -
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, folk festival, festival TURANJSKA
18th - July -
19th Fair "Homemade is Best"
July 20 -
"Street Ball" for children, KK biased

July 25 - Traditional meeting Dalmatian songs on the Square "on vr'sela"
July 29 - Traditional manifstacija "canal boat"
30 July - Evening of Traditional Folk song "STONE DALMACIJA" in Turanj
July - "Filipjanska dance evening" - Association first dance
July - a performance culture clubs

3rd August - Cultural tourism project "Ship bookstore - a ship of culture
4th to 5th August - "Street ball" for adults, KK biased
5th August - Celebrating National Thanksgiving Day
August 9th - harmony singing "KADENA" On the square vr'sela in St Philip and St James
11 August - Cultural and artistic associations Olive "Old customs and domestic Mix"
16.kolovoza - Feast of St. Rocco, community celebration
August - Day of the Municipality "Filipjanska Night 2013"
August - event "The future for the traces of their own past," the church of St. Rocco
17th to 18th August - Carnival in St. Philip and James
25th August - An evening of song and folklore "Oh you Turanj my village milo" in Turanj
August - "Learn to" First Dance Association
August - Performances culture clubs

First September - Folklore and old customs "letter in my ŠKATULA stand" is grow Lower
15th-September 16th - Festival "ABC Rogowski" - Parliament of small Glagolitic
September 29 - Feast of St.. Michael, folk festival

23 December - Christmas concert "Hear INNER RING"
December 27th - Cultural Artistic Society Olive "concert of Christmas songs"