Today many people wonder where is gone a romantic love such as existed in human time. Most would agree that such a romance now dying out, or, is rarely seen and is reserved for only a coincidence, or closed four walls of the room. However, we are confident that even in today's modern era, romance hidden somewhere, just waiting to find her. After a stressful year, make an appointment with your loved one to spend a few romantic days at sea where you will again be able to renew their love and passion, and where you no obstacles to his beloved / loved ones will be able to show how much you mean. An ideal place for you is a small town Turanj,

that exudes romance and simplicity.


Numerous islets that surround it make it so special, while nearby is a group of five small islands at sunset is a real sight to your beloved / sweetheart remembered for life. Visit Turanj, one of the most beautiful destinations on the route between Zadar and Biograd and prove to you that romance does exist.


The history of Turanj


The history of Turanj is very long and rich, and the area had been inhabited since the Bronze Age, while the first archaeological evidence dating back to the late Stone Age. In the Bronze Age “gradine” upon the hills around Turanj were populated, as well as “gradina” .At the time, the isle was still connected to the land.


Today’s Turanj was mentioned in historical documents for the fist time in 13th century. In 1444 the fortification of the Croatian peers Meštrović was settled there. Its tower was the origin of the name of the village – it was called Toretta (according to Latin turis – tower). In fact, the fort was built next to the sea and the walls were supported by three towers, but from that time has survived only one tower (castle), the main gate and part of the walls.





Because of commercial contacts with foreign countries, Turanj assumed by some customs and cultural influence, which spread through traders and sailors through stories, books, paintings and artwork. At the very culture, was influenced early Croatian writers who were mostly from Dalmatia. However, the influence of culture can not be ignored by the architecture of older cities in Dalmatia, which are rich in cultural and historical monuments.



Cultural offer


The cultural offer in Turanj from year to year, is the richer and more attractive, turning out those old, typical seaside town concentrated in one period around the middle of July, and is designed in a rich program that runs during the summer.
Along with other events in Turanj cultural offer is rich in nearby towns (Biograd 5 km, and 20 km Zadar), so it's easy to fill a vacation to suit everyone.


Familiy vacation


 Do you really want to relax on your vacation? You will certainly want a few days of peace to discharge the head and recharge your batteries. Ideal destination that will surely leave you breathless is little townTuranj, a place where there is no tension, but the amazing good fortune and peace. Here you will realize that you are actually nowhere in a hurry, and that the day is long enough for everything you do. You will discover that this is a magical place of medication for your soul, and the silence that surrounds the music for your ears.



Active holidays


In case that you are not the kind that comes to vacation only to lay around, you will surely be interested in our additional offerings. With azure, crystal clear waters, enjoyable diving anywhere where channel depth not exceeding 15 m, which is ideal for enthusiasts, but also for amateurs for the first time want to try it.